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Languages and frameworks


Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RSpec


PHP, CodeIgniter, Yii


Python, Django


C#, .NET


NodeJS, Meteor

Scripting and styling

Cascading Style Sheets

styled-components, Bootstrap, chakra-ui


ES6, TypeScript, jQuery

React Ecosystem

React, Redux, Webpack, Gatsby

DB, project management and deployment


MySQL, PostgreSQL, CockroachDB, MongoDB

Project Management

Trello, Jira, GitHub




REST API, GraphQL, PubSub


Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless

Cloud PAAS

Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, Netlify


ProfessionalAugust 2016 - current

Full-stack Developer Pozible

  • Leading a major project to redesign whole UI to introduce new services and experience.
  • Lead an infrastructure work to decouple monolithic system into microservices with client-server approach (Kubernetes VS Cloud Functions & CDN).
  • Lead a side project with focus on mobile first experience for an ecommerce application.
  • Leverage Jira as a main tool to plan and manage projects.
  • Managing and planning development pipeline and reporting to CTO
  • Adopting 2-weeks agile sprint in day-to-day development practices for Pozible and Base.
  • As a full-stack developer, mainly working with Javascript stack such as Node JS, Meteor, React, Redux, and Mongo DB. And also Python to run cron jobs and email services.
  • Responsible for maintenance and deployment on Google Cloud Platform with Kubernetes and Docker containers for staging and production build.
  • Developed Birchal's backend and API services.
UniversityMarch - May 2016

Industry Experience Monash University & MYOB

  • Working collaboratively with an agile team to identify an issue and deliver the solution in time.
  • As a team leader, controlling the deliverables to be timely shipped with highest quality possible.
  • Mentored by MYOB with conducting UX testing experiments and final retrospective at the end.
  • Developed effective communication in a cross-cultural team and to stakeholders, agile practices, and applying industry standard settings.
Professional2014 - 2016

Co Founder plummy

  • A digital online platform to collaborate, innovate, and realizing ideas within its small team.
  • As a start-up, has been pitched its first idea on Indigo Incubator 2014.
  • Successfully delivered first product-on-request to client in mid-2014.
  • Developed skills in project management, founding start-up, Ruby on Rails, and DevOps.
University2011 - 2013

Laboratory Administrator Faculty of IT

  • Lab administrator at Computer Architecture and Network Laboratory.
  • Did minor research and collaborate with colleagues for some projects.
  • Major tasks cover computer, network, and service maintenance to make sure the lab is ready for upcoming workshops, tutorials, and other events.
University2011 - 2013

Assistant/Tutor Faculty of IT

  • Assitant lecturer for Distributed Systems and Network Programming units.
  • Lab tutor for Operating Systems and Computer Networks units.
  • Major tasks include guide students through the materials and develop unit contents.
  • Being lead tutor for Operating Systems workshop also responsible for planning and execution of the workshops through the semester.
ProfessionalAug - Oct 2012

Internship PT. PLN (State Electricity Company of Indonesia)

  • Developed a reporting system to monitor 7.3M customers’ electricity usage in East Java area.
  • Process the data in Access using a C#.NET-based application then export it to MySQL and display it as a graphical trend on a CodeIgniter-based website.
  • Discuss and collaborate with the IT Department for design and implementation of the system to make sure its compatibility with existing systems.
ProfessionalMarch - June 2011

Web Developer City of Surabaya & Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember

  • Did a project of the city of Surabaya in collaboration with Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember to manage online admission process for all public schools in Surabaya.
  • Main responsibility includes development of multi-level users for its back-end as well as front-end based on PHP Yii Framework and MySQL that served more than 50,000 users.
  • Work agile with database and network engineers to deploy new features on distributed servers.
  • Working casually during the semester and did a similar project for the city of Sidoarjo in 2010.


2014 - 2016

Master of Information Technology Professional/Master of Business Information Systems Professional Monash University, Australia

  • Awarded Faculty of IT International Merit Scholarship in 2014.
  • Self-development through attending conferences such as Activate Agile and Student Summit at Cisco Live as well as Ruby and Rails Melbourne Meetup.
2009 - 2013

Bachelor of Informatics Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia

  • Minor: Network Centric Computing
  • Thesis: RePlace - Development and Design of Recommender System Based on Mobile User Collaboration Using Profile Matching Mechanism


PersonalAug 2016

claimgst Personal project

  • Develop isolated front-end and back-end layer with React and Rails using REST API to communicate.
  • Stack: Rails 5, Node.js, ReactJS, Webpack, Mocha, PostgreSQL, RESTful API, Bootstrap, Docker
UniversityMarch - May 2016

VicRun Monash University & MYOB

  • Developed a RESTful API server with Rails deployed on Azure for the iOS game and website.
  • The server was also used to transform PDF/CSV documents into a proper data structure and translating addresses to the actual coordinate using Google Maps API.
  • Stack: Rails 4.2, PostgreSQL, Rake, Google Maps API, RESTful API, Bootstrap, Docker, Azure
PersonalAug 2014

RHSystem Personal project

  • The first hands-on project with friends to learn Rails with its stacks and how to do testings.
  • Stack: Rails 4.2, PostgreSQL, RSpec, Capybara, CoffeeScript, Elasticsearch, Docker, Git
UniversityJuly 2014

POS Application plummy

  • Developed a custom Point of Sales software for a customer in Bali.
  • Working remotely as main developer to provide software development and database design.
  • Stack: C# .NET, NHibernate, MySQL, Trello, Bitbucket
UniversityMarch - Oct 2013

Academic Reporting System Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember

  • A simple business intelligence to visualise data into summarised information and graphical trends.
  • It was designed as a modular system to easily attach new modules onto it for a new dimension of information.
  • Stack: PHP, CodeIgniter, Hierarchical MVC, MSSQL, jQuery, Highcharts, Bootstrap, Git
UniversityMarch - July 2013

RePlace Undergraduate research project

  • Developed a Django-based API service to perform recommender algorithms for the Android app.
  • Stack: Python, Django, MySQL, Android, RESTful API, Git
UniversityAug 2012

Traffic Density From Twitter Multimedia Networks

  • A final project assignment to determine traffic density from Twitter crowdsourcing.
  • Stack: PHP, CodeIgniter, Twitter API, Google Maps API, Google Fusion Table API
UniversityFeb 2012

Class Attendance Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing

  • It aims to automate class attendance using Bluetooth devices by discovering available students' devices.
  • The discovered devices will be recorded to represent students' attendance.
  • Stack: Android, PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL
UniversityFeb 2012

Nusantara Card Battle .NET Framework Programming

  • It is a turn-base multiplayer card game based on C# .NET framework.
  • Responsible to develop a section of the game where players can manage their card collections and deck then integrate it to the main system.
  • Stack: C#.NET, FluentNHibernate, Linq, MySQL

Laboratory Website Computer Architecture and Networks Laboratory

  • A web application to manage laboratory's reservation, inventory administration, and maintenance record services
  • Stack: PHP, CodeIgniter, Grocery CRUD, MySQL
CompetitionOct 2011

CariKos Web Design Competition

  • An Airbnb-like website to find nearby accommodations developed for Indonesian market.
  • Awarded Second Runner-up at Gemastik 5 from Ministry of Education Indonesia.
  • Stack: PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, jQuery, Google Maps API

Endeavour in The World Online Yearbook

  • A digital copy of highschool's yearbook with more interaction and flexibility to retrieve information.
  • Stack: PHP, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, MySQL

CLICK Web Design Competition

  • A brand new e-learning system to support schools with materials, social networks, and forums.
  • Awarded Jury Special Award at e-biko in Turkey.
  • Stack: PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Flash


4-7 Feb 2015

Volunteer RubyConf Australia

  • Volunteering for its annual event of workshops, conference, and social event.
  • Assist RSpec++ workshop and help the conference by guiding attendees throughout the event.
  • Improving Ruby knowledge by being able to follow the 2-days talk and RSpec++ workshop.
3-5 Dec 2014

Volunteer YOW! Conference Melbourne

  • Working in a team to help attendees with general enquiries, organise and locating name tags for registration, collecting feedback for speakers, and guiding attendees through the venue.
  • Sit-in on several talks during off-duty and was assigned to assist Lean Software Development workshop added new learning experience.

Soft Skills

  • Involvement in various team-based projects, organisation, and volunteer demonstrate the ability to work as a team while still being able to accomplish individual tasks.
  • Apply agile practices for software development in a team to quickly adapt changes.
Problem solver
  • The role as web developers, intern, and Industry Experience proven the ability to apply critical thinking to tackle user challenges in a professional manner.
  • Excellent in analysing issues and proposing solutions by successfully deliver undergraduate research project and latest industry experience project.
  • Eager to learn and adopt new technology that adequate to user specifications.
  • Keen to explore new emerging technology and methodologies to advance with current fast-paced development.


2015 - 2016

PIC for Internet Radio Indonesian Students Association in Australia

  • Working internally to setup and maintain the infrastructure for internet Radio PPIA.
  • Brainstorming with the announcers to prepare creative programs for each weekly live session.
2010 - 2011

Head of Internal Affair Department Informatics Students Association

  • To and from students, the department was responsible to organize monthly discussion forum to gain students’ aspirations and deliver academic information and upcoming events.
  • Being the head of department acknowledged organizational and leadership and responsible for its members’ progression and performance to achieve its main objectives.